Homemade 10 inch TABLET HOLDER


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For you guys that have a tablet and you want it to be viewed hands free, I have a solution for under 20 dollars U.S. money.

Buy a cheap clamp lamp and remove all lamp hardware and wires.

Do not throw away the nut that holds the "bell" where the lightbulb was in. You will need that.

Find a metal plate, small , with four holes in each corner and drill a big hole just enough for the "tube/pipe" that used to hold the "bell" for it to go through and put the nut to hold the metal plate onto the pipe.

Cut a 1/4 inch thick piece of scrap plywood the size of the tablet you have. Find four small screws to mate the metal to the plywood and you should make a hole in the plywood for the nut to go through also. Otherwise the metal will not touch the wood.

Find a nice vinyl piece or cloth to cover the wood and protect the tablet from scratching and glue to the plywood.

Make some "L" pieces that will hold the tablet against the plywood nice and snug like in the pictures and screw them on. You can make a hole on the bottom one like I did so you can plug in the charging cable. I have a Samsung tablet.

A 10 inch tablet like mine is heavy. Put some tape nice and tight around the pipe of the clamp to restrict movement and hold it. I bought a nice magnetic dry erase board that is heavy and can hold the tablet and clamp from the top and it was placed on the easle.

I used magnets to hold the art paper to the board and I can even use the magnets to hold stencils like in the pictures. I have given you so much advice free of charge! You can thank me later.

I also got some flourescent lights for nightime work in my garage.

Post pictures of yours when you make it so we can see. Look at mine. I love it. I can zoom in hands free and look at details like never before.

I am going to patent this idea if it is not already out there. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.
I love the idea and have been thinking of a way to do this for a while!!! I love my tablet and have been using it for over a year, but have not been able to fix the problem, but now you done gone and did it, lol!!! I will be making one soon! THANKS!! great little tutorial!!! Good luck on the patent ;)
I really like my prototype. I was also looking at the "ARMS' lamps that have these long prehensile type arms with a clamp to clamp it to a table. The same way to attach the plywood applys.
Cool! I need something like that as well. Thanks for the description!!
Outstanding craftsmanship , Is that the painting you did of your wife.. I love the flow of the top very nice work .
Awesome contstruction Lowrider! I need to figure out a way to do something like this.
I thought about doing this just for holding reference pics. I just set my iPad mini near me if I need it.

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