Homemade Whisper quiet. Finally finished it. LOVE IT!



I had found on the internet how you can make a homemade compressor out of an old refridgerator compressor. One thing I added was a check valve on the output side of the compressor at the tank to keep the tank pressure off of the piston between start-ups. This insures the piston is not under pressure when the motor restarts and pre-vent burning up the motor. I just put a few drops of compressor oil in the intake side every now and then. I got to use it for the first time this weekend and you can't hear it running. I LOVE IT!


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Looks like a great project and nice to be able to build something like this on your own.
Yes indeed, the power of the internet and some old scrap parts... I can now paint while the wife watches TV even in the same room. This was def worth the time.
I built one myself recently. I used a mini fridge compressor and an old 4.5 gal tank. I have not used it yet. It is quiet, but seems to take too long to fill, so I am looking for another compressor to make it more useful. Easy project, if you have an old junk compressor, or even a very cheap compressor you are tired of going deaf using.

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I really need to do one of these :)

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