Horse fur texture?



I have a question about the texture you see on the head, and at the edge of the spots. You can see little hairs (lines) that mark the direction the hair grows. How would you guys create that effect? This is just a practice painting on a A4 paper, and i only used createx opaque black. I tried to scratch a bit but this just damages the paper to hard.

Second try: scratcht a bit with everything i could find. Needle works best i think, but then me and mr. Iwata had some issues (you see some splattering and stuttering). I sorted that out and im gonna try again until i get this right.


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i would scratch it out with a razor or needle. a horses hair is so fine that it is hard to see or create, but the spots is the main spot you would see it. im sure others may have other ideas but that is what I would do.
Im giving it another go and im gonna try not to create that hard edge (i dont like that lol)
being that I haven't been able to get started with airbrushing but knowing what I did with the ceramics that I would paint and some of the drawings in the past.... I would think it would be easier to just fog the border to give it that soft look. You have the darker hard edges between the two but just kind of ....overspray I guess for lack of terminology with a trans white or whatever color you used for the blaze (spot as you called it) .

On ceramics this was a problem for me as well and I eventually learned how to dry brush (tamp the paint off the brush onto a napkin until very very little paint was on the bristles and nearly dry) around the transitioning color areas. With a brush you can use your stroke to insinuate the direction of the hair. Being that it's not a main focal point of the painting I don't think you need to purposefully detail it in.

Just my thoughts... please post what you did, as my better half is all about horses I am sure I am going to have to learn how to AB quite a few myself.

Very gorgeous start though.
I didnt use any white for the blaze, just the reduced black.
ahhh... well then... lol

how 'bout the tip from Ed Stubbs about using torn scotchbrite pad? Lik ein his vids for making some clouds?
This will work well, but remember to LIGHTLY press the scotchbrite [I sort of touch it to the surface first!], and drag in the direction you wish the hairs to flow in.
Looking good so far.
Hope this helps.
If doing that kinda texture I'll do it in my base layers with a heavy white layering on my initial greys, then when you do those nice blends you can soften their focus or blend them into the shadows and then rehighlight some with some pure white strokes where needed as the final highlight layer..So basically do a flat greyscale, texture it heavily with light greys (In the more shaded areas)and whites on for the next layer sequence, paint it all again over the top with more transparent black heavily reduced so that earlier texture blends in and the tone is adjusted correctly, then add either white highlight hair strokes where needed and of course heavy black (In the darkest area's) hair strokes, smudge those final strokes into the layering at their bases with an eraser so they don't float..Maybe all that makes sense? I dunno LOL