Hose Fittings for Paasche Airbrush



Just got my new Paasche Talon and see that my Master hose fittings won't work with it. Anyone know the proper size adapter so I don't buy something I don't need? Am I right in assuming that the adapter should be a 1/8 female to 1/4 male, or would it be something all together different?
I have a Talon and have a braided hose and it is 1/8 female to the a/b and 1/4 female that hooks to my compressor. I dont know the size of the fitting that your Master takes.
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They should be the same unless the old brush had an adapter or something. Most brushes except Badger all take an 1/8 hose at the brush.

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Most brushes except Badger all take an 1/8 hose at the brush.

I wish that were true for my situation. I recently started using an airbrush for my model railroad work and purchased a Master airbrush and compressor with a hose. I decided to upgrade to the Talon. Both ends of the Master hose which fit the airbrush are larger than the Paasche fitting so I guess it's a 1/4 and the Paasche is 1/8. Now I'll have to wait another week to get one ordered from online since I don't know anywhere locally that would sale the adapter. I tried Michaels a little while ago but no luck there. :apologetic:
Yep, sounds like for some reason you meed a different hose, unless you can take pics of the hose ends and maybe a pic of the Talons fitting. Maybe we cam make a suggestion to try for the short term.

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Yes it is 1/4 coming off the comp. then you need a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter which you can get at a hardware store but you will need o use thread tape for threads. this applies to a normal "tool" compressor but if you are using a airbrush (small) comp. it should already have a male 1/8 thread.
Thanks Lee, I had a feeling that's what I needed to do but wanted to make sure.:friendly_wink: