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I have KD3000 with KDA3000 Primer/Hardener. I have some RU311 reducer, can I use this to reduce the primer for use in a air brush?
Also are the seraphim 2 paints just as poisonous as the primer and clear coat? They seem to be 1k paints as no hardener is required.

I have the 3m mask organic filters Ill be using for my small paint job but Im curious how the seraphim 2 is any different than say createx. They both are 1k paints apparently.

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According to the KD3000 data sheet that is the recommended reducer line: RU310(fast dry) to RU313(very slow dry). Your RU311 is a medium dry. The ratio is 4:1:1 (4 parts DTS primer, 1 part hardener, 1 part reducer)

Here is the MSDS (Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet) for the primer

Needless to say, ANYTHING HOK requires a respirator and proper safety measures.

No idea on the Seraphim paint. Sorry. I hope others can chime in.

Simple answer Not really recommend , But it also depends on the nozzle size of the airbrush. .5 or larger you might get by with it.
The pigment of primers is larger so it cover more even and thicker .
To Herb's point: What airbrush are you going to use? This would be more of a job for say a Paasche H or a Badger 350 rather than a fine setup airbrush.


How much will you be painting? Will it be a 40 hr/week job or occasional weekend artist? Will you paint a 5x7 canvas or a semi truck? That is an important factor.
For occasional use, the organic should be ok AS LONG AS you don't use urethanes. Urethanes require full face remote air line respirators plus some astronaut training and a James Bond license to kill.

If your compressor heats up you will also need a moisture trap, which is always a good idea anyways.
That spray gun you linked specs 3 cfm @ 50psi, a considerable amount of air. The specs call for at least a 7 GAL tank. This will require a good shop compressor.

I'm painting an rc model about a square meter.
Kda3000 with kd3000
Shimrin 2 base
Usc01 clear with hardener
Are those urethane?

Watching HOK paint demos they use the same filters I am using. I plan to swap them out a couple times.

My compressor is 5 gal. Like i said it barely works. But since I'm painting smaller objects it keeps up. I may invest in a better compressor.
I think you should be ok.
Just make sure your materials are compatible with the surface. RC cars are usually Lexan polycarbonate.

I think you should be ok.
Just make sure your materials are compatible with the surface. RC cars are usually Lexan polycarbonate.

This is a fiberglass rc jet from 1998. The only reason I'm splurging on paint!

Thanks for your help!


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Ohhh now you are talking! Now I want to see more...
Fiberglass: The best material ever made! :)

Ismael "the Corvette guy"
The jet is currently primered in PPG something. It has imperfections from the years and assembly requires sanding and filling. So IM not sure why they primered it. I normally use createx and enamels. But given this jet is rare I wanted to try something better.

My plan is put on a couple layers of primers over the areas where I had to sand or glue things on and fill. Then do one light layer of the whole jet. I tried to get white KDA3000 (3002?) but no where has it so Ill be basing it completely white.

Here are a couple schemes I am aiming for, both basically the same color set. These two were popular back in the day and I feel they would be easier than some other schemes I like. Just basic colors.

I need to figure out how I get the decals that say BVM and BANDIT, I assume they are not painted on.
My plan is make some stencils and then use frisket paper to mask off the wing for the curved parts. ON the body Im not too concerned about rounded corners but can do straight lines and angles with masking tape.

Im going to ask around if there is a vector file somewhere for the lettering but I wont cry if I cant get them. The main thing is I can see it in the sky!


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Nice looking plane you have started.

Are you planning to airbrush it? I think I'd use a touch up gun or HVLP spray gun. It's a rather large area you need to cover. It looks to me like it will require quite a bit of paint. An HVLP spray gun would be easier on your compressor also.

For the lettering I'd suggest a decent sign shop and have them made from vinyl. Shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. The shop hopefully would be able to get a close match to the font and size you want and you could apply them to the plane as is. I doubt they would add that much weight. Or you could use them as a mask, airbrush the color in then remove them. Make sure you get both the positive and the negative so you can choose the best option to paint them.
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Hmm I bought 4oz premixed blue and orange and a pint of white. I hope that's enough because I need too keep light.

I'm open to buying a compressor if you have a suggestion. I need a better one for my sprinklers anyways. Attached is a pic of what I have and I used that harbor freight gun to spray an epoxy clear on another jet. It does struggle.

For the colors I have a paasch airbrush with a 1.05 needle.


Thanks for the idea on the sign company I'll give it a shot.

I don't need a show quality job here just standoff scale. These jets get banged up.


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BTW I got a hook up about the masking, I guess I can get spray through vinyl masks for that paint scheme so shouldnt be too bad unless they want $300 in which case Ill DIY.
Today I did some of the KD3000 primer. I spilled some on my torso and I did smell it through my mask at first as I didnt have it on correctly.
Ill let you know if I die.
BTW I did some research on all the products I bought from HOK.
The only item that contains isocyanates (ISOs) that bought will be the hardener for the clear coat.
KD3000 and KDA3000 primer system contain no ISOs.
Shirmim2 base coats and the Ru311 reducer contain no ISOs.
The USC01 show klear does not contain any ISOs BUT
The hardener for that clear ku152 contains 1 ISO called Hexamethylene Diisocyanate Polymer

Im am researching that ISO but it does not appear to be all that bad as far as ISO go.
HOK seem to be pretty safe paints and a simple organic filter mask should cover us well if we change out the filters when doing small jobs.

The primer is wierd, it has a hardener but it will dry with out it. Im not convinced the primer is truly 2k. The show klear is def a 2k though.

The primer dries very fast and unlike enamal doesnt keep outgassing for 90 years. Im very happy so far! Well my wallet isnt.