House of Kolor - I am wondering...


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I am wondering, if anybody is using this brand of paint?

What is your experience with this paint? Care to share? Anybody have a thought or two about this paints? I was googling a little and I could find out they are sold also in small bottles for airbrush use. 120ml is 14 Euros. So any thoughts and input would be welcomed. :)
You'll need a paint booth and good face mask designed for urethane paint.
As far as is it good ... It is the gold standard for automotive paints and IE airbrush paints. Createx uses that to compare how they are doing.
The colors are vibrant and rich , Easy to spray .
I use to use them when I first started but being the pros are going to waterbased do to health safety I followed suit too. I can still get HOK locally but I can also get CI,Wicked and Golden HF . Plus in my area using water based paint I do not get hit with a environmental tax for buying urethane.

You can not spray them in the house ,
I know there are lots of fans of the house of kolor paints, pretty sure they're a urethane - which is why I won't use them.

Edit, I should have waited a minute or two for Mr.Micron to post....
I know they are urethanes. But dang they got some colors there:

23 pages of them :eek:

Didn't @SiRoxx also played with them some? :whistling: I don't know why I have such a feeling.
I do have some urethane paints and I like them a lot, but they aren’t House Of Kolor. That said, like Herb said they are considered to be one of the best. I do my painting in a shed in the garden and use a charcoal filter respirator when using urethanes without any problems.

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Just wondering. How do shrubs and vegetables holding up around the shed? :sus:
All fine. Because general airbrushing creates very little overspray, I’ve never had any problem with the fumes travelling far. Of course it could be different if I was using a mini gun to base, which I have done once or twice. But this didn’t cause any problem with the surrounding area. If I was at it everyday I can imagine that would be different.

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my airbrush "studio" is our spare bedroom so HOK is a no go paint for me even if I have the right face mask for using urethane paints spraying urethane based paints inside our house is something I wont do
I did use HOK paints for a little paint job for a bike that was painted with HOK colors and I did it outside the house in the garden but that was a one time only job and I wont do a paint job with urethane paint again if I cant use a real pro spray booth and all the protective gear that comes with it
LOL I do use HOK if the price for it . PPG and other brands have great paint but for the bling factor it is just hard to beat HOK.

But I do have access to a real paint booth or 3 , Well 4 but I never use that one because he wants me to paint his stuff too and his stuff is no little job. Mainly I use a buddy of mine after shop hours anytime I want cause I taught his daughter how to airbrush. Then she got the basics down and studied with Dru Blair.
She now only uses CI and paint cell phone cases .
Oh and if you think they look good on the computer ya should see them in person.
The only spray booths I know are part of a bodyshops and those shops wont let me use em but I have a fellow airbrush friend who works in a body/ sign paint shop and he promised me I could use the booth but that was before covid hit the world so I dont have acces to a booth anymore