House of Kolor, Inspire, other?



So, as I said in my introduction, I'm mostly a RPG/wargames miniature painter aspiring to become more of a "true" airbrusher (I'm going to start painting cheap roller skate helmets, and who knows after that if it becomes a new passion).

After having read many, many threads on this forum and others, I decided to go for urethanes already (what I seek is durability).

There are still 2 options in my short list:

* House of Kolor
* Inspire

If you have used both, would you please give me advice to choose one over the other (or yet another brand), and why.

I won't be able to get them from a local retailer, so I'll have to shop on Internet (shipping to France).
So far I noticed those sites:

* For HoK: Coast Airbrush (.com), with prices in euros.
* For Inspire:Specialist Paints (.com), with prices in pound sterling and shipping to Europe.

Any advice on where to get them from? I don't need them for yesterday.

Thanks in advance.
(And thanks already to Ignis, whose posts helped me to get to this short list.)

Sorry for not providing proper hyperlinks, but this only being my second post, I'm not yet allowed to post links.
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HOK you can also order from Lion-Art in Holland which will probably result in lower transportation costs. Inspire is sold by Airbrush Services Almere, also in Holland. Quality of handling of both brands is about the same, although HOK has a wider variety of paints. Inspire may be somewhat cheaper since it is produced in the UK so there are less logistic costs involved. HOK recently started to produce Shimrin II that is supposed to be usable outside of the cabin as I've read in some sites. But as far as I know it is not yet sold in Europe. I sprayed with HOK in the past and it is excellent paint and am now experimenting with Inspire (because of the price advantage).
Thank you.

I just placed an order at Airbrush Services Almere for some Inspire paints. For a bit less than 100€ I think I have something to start with: white base, black base, 3 candies, reducer, transparent base and 1 bottle of "passion" special effect to check what it does.
I have never used Inspire but I love HOK products. If you do purchase HOK products and if you don't already know their Kandies are only the concentrate's and you need intercoat clear like the sg100 to mix your Kandies. I purchased a one ounce bottle and twist lid for every Kandy color I have. Don't mix more than 20% Kandy to your intercoat clear. Reduce the intercoat clear 1:1, I use the RU311 reducer, then add your concentrate. Coast T.V. has a free video on how to mix these paints if you want more info. John Kosmoski has a video on the Shimirin 2 as well. Hope this helps.
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