House of Kolor?


Needle-chuck Ninja
Anyone else confused as to the many different number of paint options from house of kolor? haha And does anyone use it? If so what ones are best to buy first?
-The set of base colors might be an idea :)?
-A set of base candy
-RU-312: your "basic reducer" (there is a slow and fast drying variant of it in RU-311 and 313 i think)
-Intercoat clear: your transparant base (so not some kind of clearcoat)

Watch out with the candy colors, some are just pigment (so need intercoat and reducer mixed in to stick) others are ready for use (have intercoat and RU-312 mixed in)

This might be some usefull information:

Another option might be contacting Lion art, he's a HOK expert :)
I'm Toying with HOK myself, I bagged ten 1 oz bottles off ebay only last week. I do have some urethane paint by Inspire but as they stink I haven't been able to spray them yet. There are loads of colours and I am not too sure what to get either. I just grabbed a few different colours to have a mess around with it.

They guy at my local paint shop said they were great, but there are loads of colours and they are double expensive compared to other brands, so I think I am going to buy other brand base colours and use HOK for any special effects needed. I can't tell you what colours to get though. I'm hoping that someone else can answer your question better and give me info at the same time..

On another note, I've also been getting some pearl, holo flake and candy pigment powder to mix with my paints ( not just the HOK ) to get other effects. It's quite cheap really, I got 5 grams of candy red for £5 gbp that mixes with 100ml of 2k thinners and then can colour up to 1 litre of intercoat clear to make the candy at full strength. Pearl cost me £3.50 and comes in 25g so just under 1 oz in weight, I think that goes into 1L too. It's all for experimenting so good fun.

Hassje, Yea i was trying to find the base colors, and when i read your reply i went back to the site, because i didn't see it in the paint title, and then i saw it and felt dumb, cause it was the first one, haha :eek:ops:. thanks for the link!

Jord, i might end up doing that if HOK works well with other brands. I did notice they seem to be a bit pricey, but i have heard so many good things about them, and i really want to try em! :D A lot of money to spend if i end up not liking them
I have used Hok. On automotive jobs ,yes it pops & it's not cheap . Would I buy again ? Probably not as there are just as good products out there at half the price . I can get a local factors to mix pretty much anything in solvent or water based . Jord I also used some pearl powders etc and have and do mix them in clear base of both water and solvent ,candies however still have to be solvent for a real pop .that will change eventually .