How do you achieve the best possible gloss finish?




I'm working on a project wherein I am coloring game controllers. I am wondering how I can achieve the "glass finish" on ABS plastic. I'm new to airbrushing, but when I would spray paint with a can I would just sand the clear coat and then buff/polish the surface, is this the same objective here?

Any info/advice on here is greatly appreciated.
Someone will be along soon who can probably answer this better. I notice you've posted a few times asking questions, we encourage this - questions are good. We also like to know the people who are in here. So much nicer than talking to nameless faceless people... :). To help us get to know you a bit better (and to assist in the questions you have) can I get you to go to the intro section and give us a proper introduction. What you paint, gear you have, maybe a couple of pictures.

Here is a link to help you out. Check out the nettiquette post as well while you are there.