How do you paint



I was wondering if most of you stand while painting or sit. I was thinking of getting a stool but I wonder if it would limit freedom of motion
It depends on what I am painting..
Canvas , Paint pals , Tanks , tins helmets I sit
Cars I stand.
i just paint canvas but i do both, sit and stand. ..... not at the same time though
I sit all day at work, so I stand when I paint. I may eventually get my table setup where I can paint some point.
Both.Many things I stand for, some of the more illustration type stuff I like to sit, especially when erasing.

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I usually stand to paint but I cant stand for long periods of time due to diabetic nerve damage in my feet and legs so I will probably be making arrangements to sit in the future.
I prefer to sit, I made my work table low enough where everything is easily reached.
I prefer to sit, I made my work table low enough where everything is easily reached.

He lies ,,,, He has a Gatling airbrush that is on a turret mount the spins so he can paint multiple items at once....


Oh I have also had to paint while laying down on my side that was no fun... Dang I hate it when the lift breaks down.
Like Micron said, it depends on what I'm painting,
Usually, unless its a large canvas or object, I sit down to paint
Being pathologically lazy, I prefer to sit most of the time. I just feel more comfortable painting that way, but I've seen vids and listened to people who say you should stand as you can move your whole body. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong LOL.
I stand and use an easel which can be adjusted in height so I can stand the same for any size painting and move the surface up and down to suit.

I used to sit at a fixed table easel but got really bad back pain from leaning forward on the seat and didn't have as much freedom of movement. Now that I stand to paint I get a lot less body pain.
I sit, or perch depending on the size of project.

there was a very good article in an old Airbrush Technique magazine by Kraig Sturtz MD, a doctor, and airbrush artist, about the importance of posture whilst painting. If you can track it down, it's a really informative read!
Depends on the job. When I first started, I sat all the time. Now I find myself standing all of the time lol. But then, them golf cart bodies were/are big projects so, it was inevitable to stand.
I have to stand otherwise my elbows and knuckles drag on the ground. Standing allows me more freedom of movement especially when painting curved objects.