How do you pick your nose (needle)?


plain ol Bill

Different folks using different tools do things different ways. So how do you pick your nose (needle) on your gun?
I work with really reduced paint and as such do not get any tip nose picking whatsoever!
make up brush dip in water to clean the tip and the needle form dry tip.

hope this helps.:angel:
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I dip a baby tooth brush in windshield waster fluid and take it gently to the needle and it works great. If any stubborn paint use a little nail polish remover and it will definitely clean it all off.
i use etac efx no clogs or tip dry but when im not i use a cotton bal wet with alchohol or windex the only other paint i use now is spectra and sometimes com art
I seem to always get little hairs when I use a cotton ball so I switched to a piece of cotton shirt with windex for water base and lacquer thinner for uros.
I have just been using my fingernails and scraping. Am I risking damage to my needle or something?
I get a regular supply of surgical sponges (unused) from a friend. They're really more like large gause rags than what you'd think of as a "sponge". When I forget where I set that down, which is often, I'll use my finger nails. You risk bending the tip of the needle when going that route, but as long as you're careful (and not using a Harder & Steenbeck needle) you should be fine.

It's just become such a part of muscle memory for me that I find myself doing it every 15-20 seconds, and every time I stop spraying, without even realizing it. I blame the years of using the older formulas of Auto Air for that habit. lol. Anyone who's started airbrushing since E'Tac came out, you have NO idea how good you have it ;-)