how long can a compressor work, should it be turned off after some time?



Hello ,

I have a question about my compressor. I'm a beginner :witless: and I feel insecure about how long it can run. Do I have to shut it off after a while? It can become hot.
Sometimes I get in a flow and forget about time. Thanks :joyous:
What kind of compressor? The silent compressors can get very hot, some even have a heat shut off protection in them to ensure they don't burn out, but artificial cooling will help for sure..If using my silent compressor and its a hot day I do only tend to paint in half hour stints and give it some cooling time in between, but it kinda depends on how hot its getting..If its a large tanked variety, run it as much as needed, they rarely get hot enough to be an issue..GL
Thank you so much for the (quick) answers! I have a silent compressor, sil air.I bought it second hand and therefore i didn't have a manual. I tried to look on internet but I coudn't find the answer to this question. I'm gonna look for a automatic heat protection if i can find a manual. And keep an eye on it for getting too hot. Last time I painted for 3 hours straight. The fan tip is also great, thanks again.