how long have you been airbrushing...



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like i mention in my intro i have had the spraything for about 6 years and still can't do lines proper nor any dagger-stroke.
So i was wondering how long others took to go from lines to daggers and then beyond basics

honestly if i can spry a line good im all gigly and stuff .

so how long have you been spraying ? and how log did it take you to go from first time to lines and dagger-strokes ? ( hour wise)

fictional example: 1h per day for 3 years...
About 1 an half years for me, and I always spend and recommend doing about 10 mins of practicing dots,lines and blends before doing any painting, helps to get your reduction right and get you in the zone:)
Less than a year here. Maybe 3-4 hours a week if I'm lucky.

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about two years.always practice at least three hours a day,practice everything again and again!!!i practice more than i paint!!!
how are your skills are you still strugling with lines and daggers ? if not how long did it take for your to get the hang of it ?
I worry that you are only going to stress yourself out by comparing your progress to others. Everyone is different and some learn quicker than others and some have more latent talent than others, some already have artistic skills and some not, etc. etc.

There are many techniques in airbrushing so if you are having trouble with freehand airbrushing, start using masking and stencils to get your image onto paper. Watch a lot of tutorials and follow them. Start with simple things and paint images that interest you. If it goes wrong don't worry, it's only practise and you can do it over and over again. The more you practise, the more confident you will get, the more confident you get the more relaxed you will be and you will start to paint better and better. There is no hurry :)
Just enjoy yourself, it's not a test!!
Cheers Mel
Don't sweat it eric, you'll get it, especially now you're in the forum with everyone to help. I struggled with daggers for quite a long time, and it was just because I didn't really know what I was doing with my paint mixture and air pressure, so I had no consistency. Once I dialed that in, I was free to concentrate on the daggers, and without wondering if my brush was going to spit or skip, and focus on the technique. Also 6 years may sound like a long time, but how much of that did you actually spend on the brush? Probably not that long. I reckon some one who's only been airbrushing a month or so, but has been able to fully focus on it 24/7 could easily have done the same amount, if not more. I can't find my arse with both hands, and never thought I'd get it. Luckily I'm really stubborn so I stuck at it, and it all clicked. I still haven't got as far along as I should, but I love it, and if I can do it, then believe me anyone can Lol!
dont worry i already know im way late ! :p i did it steady for about a month a few hours every day or so or at least a couple times a week. then slaked a litle moved and all that kind of stuff the AB got the back burner , thought of selling it a few times but i come back more and more to it witch is a good sign ( i got over the blues of not being able to perform as well as others) also i totally know some people are more artistic one of my brother who just happens not to do any "artforms" is just a killer at it ( i am so jalous) the guy is left handed and did about twice better than i just by picking up the thing , with his right hand! really im just getting back into spraying its somewhat enjoyable even if nothing comes out but paint .

im just asking to compare my progress see how far i have become . and such ami doing ok or do i suck etc ... because sometimes (read "alot") i thend to under estimate my skills so having a gage is somewhat usefull.