How often do you break down for cleaning?


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I tried searching for this but not much I could find. I use a HP-CS and because it is my only good brush at the moment I tend to baby it. I use non-solvent paints like com-art/createx and after a day of working I break it down fully and clean, lube and reassemble. Although I am also into firearms and I am an ARMY Vet so I am just under the mentality of when your done for the day you break it down and clean every speck before you put her to bed for the evening.
I use to do it also. Now I only strip down completely if I start to have performance issues. If you flush and clean it properly after use, it shouldn't need to be broken down.
With Com-art and especially Createx I would clean it at the end of each session. With E'tac I clean after a few weeks of use only.
I have the same brush and rinse and flush it out really well after I use it but other then that only as needed like jeff said.
I use to do it also. Now I only strip down completely if I start to have performance issues. If you flush and clean it properly after use, it shouldn't need to be broken down.
This is my method. My main reason is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Every time I strip my ABs there is a risk of me damaging the parts.
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I used to break the brush down after use also but as a result tended to damage stuff like needles and nozzles on a regular basis.

I found that if you prevent our paint from drying up there is realy no need to disasemble the airbrush. I tend to flush the gun and clean the needle with water about every 15-30 minutes (depending a bit on the temperature) and indication for me is when the paint starts to dry against the wall off the cup.

As long as the paint remains fluid (so no dry paint in the cup) there is noting that can get loose and block the nozzle. Before I put the gun away I flush it once with airbrush cleaner and thats it. Since I started doing it like this I hardly ever need to take the brush appart.
I strip my airbrushes down whenever there is a performance issue or at the end of the job. Could be 2 days, could be 2 months. I've left paint in an airbrush for a year as a test and while it's a bitch to get all the dried paint off, it is possible to do. Not to mention getting a completely fuzed together nozzle and needle unstuck with no damage. Well with urethane anyway. I usually flush the airbrush out each session and pull the needle back so it's not resting on anything so a solvent flush won't get blocked from getting a majority of the paint out.
Same as all above really and I do that test nearly everytime I paint Immortal LOL..Being such fine threads, it doesn't take much to wear em and constant breakdown cleans just ain't required, only time I do a full breakdown after a session is when using uro's, besides that as needed..but saying that, its a personal thing and besides a little thread wear which generally will happen anyway if your happy cleaning all the time, no real harm in it..
Every time i use my Ab i fully clean and lube it, no matter how long i use it for. I am probably too anal about it. Ha, anal.
I do break down my airbrushes after every use and I always flush the airbrush with warm water and airbrush cleaner first. It is very simple with my Microns because I basically take off the whole Head Unit and remove the needle. I do not disemble the Head Unit I leave it complete and I use an Artists Liner brush size 1 dipped in airbrush cleaner and push the hairs up from the back until they poke out through the nozzle. I have to split the hairs on the brush so there are only a few, otherwise it doesn't got through the nozzle. I do this very carefully and don't push hard at all. I clean the needle with a cloth dipped in airbrush cleaner, wipe any other parts. Clean the inside of the airbrush with the Liner brush again and I'm done. Reassemble :D

I do the same with the HP-SBS except the head unit and the self centering nozzle are seperate, apart from that it gets the same treatment as above and is clean and finished in about 5-10 minutes.

I've only just got the Liner brushes so before that I used a cheap Artists brush with soft synthetic hairs size 12 because the hairs were long enough to go through the Head from back to front. Again I had to seperate a few hairs out so that they would go through but it worked well. The Liner brush has less hairs and they are nice and long but either brush works fine.
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Well funny thing, ever since I got my Micron I have not been breaking it all the way down every time. Instead I just flush with cleaner, wipe out the cup, back out the needle and take a q-tip to the bottom of the cup, and done. I guess I am afraid of putting excess wear on it. I have only used my CS a few times since getting the Micron and same thing just flush.
I break down after each use too clean it ... if you do it imedialty after it takes 2 mins to clean

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I used to simply flush my ABs after a session. However, after running into blockage problems I now strip them down completely and clean the needle. No more blockage problems.