How the #%*@ do I paint this?



So, I have a guy who wants paisleys painted on his guitar similar to this...
Any ideas on the easiest way to accomplish this? I've seen some auto guys print similar small little repetitive stuff and actually stick it on and clear coat over it. What kind of recommendations do you guys have? I do have some access to a vinyl cutter if that helps.

This is done with a plotter mate. You'll need to use the vector program associated with your plotter to draw out the design, use a product such as 'azlan' or 'calmask' to feed through the plotter - it's a solvent resistent masking material. You'll need to pull out all the bits you're going to paint. Spray flat 100% black. Take off all the masking and then add a few drop shadows when you want certain pieces to come forward.

You're looking at 5% airbrushing, 90% playing with masking material, 5% [Insert funny comment..]
Mitch is right lots of masking , remasking and some shrooms to make it make sense ...
You can hand cut the design too if you do not have a plotter.
Sorry for the crappy pic, but i would do it the same way I did this
DSCF2487 (1280x956).jpg I got some gears cut on a plotter as I wanted a few the same, and then hand cut a few for variety, and I then laid them on the helmet in layers. You need to think in 3d. The ones on the top layer, need to go on first, then the middle layers, with the ones that will be on the bottom going on last. Then you paint the first layer (which will be the underneath) peel the stencil off, then the next layer - the edges will cause a shadow that pushes the previous layer back, then peel that layer off etc, etc. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, this is the way I would do your design too.