How to achieve Depth



I would like to learn how to add depth to my projects, a vid would be awesome cause someone telling me to go in and work the light and dark colors doesn't work for me.
Follow the tutorials, the soft fades and blending lines are absolutely what you need to master to get the depth in your work. If you find them boring, as i do, just grab a coloring book and shade it till you get it down.
I would agree with Seamonkey

i agee with drobbins who agrees with seamonkey, no really, what kind of project, what kind of drawing, what is the subject matter, there is more than one way to add depth to a piece other than color, perspective also creates great depth, even with out color. aerial perspective, linear perspective, vanishing points, cool color, warms color, lots of differnt way of doing it, depending on your subject, the materials, the colors, or are you talking bout adding depth with a nice thick clear coat.
Depth= Blurry..Sounds weird lol but if ya want to add depth to a pic remember one thing..If it was a camera taking a pic think about how it does it..Close to the camera its in focus and detailed, further away it becomes blurry and less detailed..In airbrush talk this equals..Foreground.Do it from close up to get nice detail, Background-Add some distance to your strokes so its not so in focus and detailed.Instant depth..Good luck m8...