How to break up edges


pretty old tutorling
Hi all, wasnt very clever and used stencils where now i know i should not. Now i'm facing some hard edges i would like to get rid of. Thinking of overdoing it with white and do the border freehand. Or should i try to erase it, what may cause two edges shining trough afteroverworking it. Any sugestions to help me out?
Stipple texture into the edge, texture can hide a lot of things, especially harder edges, but I suppose that depends what your painting, texture may not look right if there is none in the ref, I would also maybe try erasing the edge (try doing this with just a hand eraser, not a electric eraser) and softening it a bit before pulling out any white, or maybe even a real light sanding, take it back to the point you can only just see the major features and lines and repaint....GL
There are various methods but it depends a bit on where in the picture you need to correct.

If its a highlight area I'd go over the edge carefully with an erasor pencil to smoothen the line a bit.

If its in a shadow area I'd take the darkest color thats agains the edge and freehand against the edge to soften it up (I'd reduce the dark a lot to prevent mistakes and just go over it serveral times till I have the effect I want)

if its neither light or dark you can use the same trick as with the dark and take the dark color and smoothen out the transition. If there are more colors or more shades off the color involved this might involve serveral passes with different colors.

If you could post a pic it would be easier to give some advise on this one.
Yeah, i love this forum, thanks for the tips. As usual i tried to fix it but now got the area way to dark:cry: when you guys talk about sanding, do you really mean sanding? What do you use to sand down? I think its better to remove the hole area and do it again. It's the background and has tho be a little out of focus. Thats why the edges were so annoying. But now , thanks to my great abilities, it looks like a big dark spot. Im working on 4g surface.
You can also make it look softer by spraying a thin strip in between the two extremes just on the outside of the darkest colour.