How to keep dust away.


Daniel D

So question says it all! Thanks so much guys for giving me answers in every question! This forum is great!! So new question, how can I keep dust off/awagy from my paint? I'm painting Controllers. And when dust gets on it, it kinda makes me mad. I want to keep it minimum. Is there any mini thing I can build to keep my piece in while I paint it that vents out dust?? Any ideas appreciatedn
Where do you paint and where is the dust coming from?
You could buy or build a "booth" with an extractor but your first line of defence is to clean where you work and keep it clean.
It's a basement, it's not that dusty down there. About to seal the floor anyways with clear coat. I end up only getting 3-4 "dust bumps" on my paint job. I'd rather have a smooth look, but I guess it's inevitavle? I was thinking of just getting pvc, plastic sheet, and using the fan out of my old laptop to vent out
You can make yourself a nice little booth out of the PVC sheeting and some softwood for the framing, your laptop fan won't be powerful enough, but you can buy a small bathroom extraction fan for under $20 and attach a piece tumble drier vent hose to channel everything outside.

Let this run for about 15 minutes before you start painting so that your work environment is dust free.