How to Make a Blood splatter effect?



Hey guys as mist of you know im an xbox airbrusher and i have a client that has asked me to put blue (blood) splatters all over it but i have no idea h i know that with sspray paint you put some paint into a cup and fling it at your projet but i dont know how to do it with an airbrush please help
more than likely you will have to make a stencil , airbrush alone will be to soft and there will no hard edges,, stencil,, flick a paint brush loaded with paint, but i dont think freehand airbrush will do it... im sure there are some pros on here that can lay the slop down better than me , but go for it
Well first you take a knife...wait..wrong thing lol seriously though, if you know how to paint rain drops/water drops that would be a good method but heck until I bought a good brush (with a lid) I was splattering and slinging paint everywhere lol.
sling it dude,, thats how my bro does it, after all blood is just a random sling pattern, nothing planned bout blood splatter
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I flick it off of my finger or off of a paint brush. If you want bigger globs use the finger and flick in the direction you want it to go. For the smaller I used a liner brush and then flicked the bristles with my finger. Another good trick is to mix up a slightly darker red and do it first, and stipple it in with the airbrush. that will give a look of depth to the splatter. Also thin you paint so it will lay flatter.
Here is an example of what I did.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21377446940.500713.jpg
ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21377447059.300402.jpg
ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21377447095.972765.jpg

Hope this helps!!
A buddy of mine did this to my bike. Mostly the stippling effect and to get the runs he did the stippling effect and the just hit the paint with nothing air to get the random runs on it. You have to do it immediately so its still fresh and wet. Hope that helps if you have anymore questions I can text him and get answers for ya.
I don't understand the meaning of the stick figures exactly but they cracked me up. Especially the running one.
I'm new here and will take Mr Micron's advise as well....just been perusing the last couple days.

Anyways, I did the same thing on a Yeti cup and used a razor blade and held it over the tip of the brush at an angle, almost so its covering the brush. Then I sprayed the paint pretty thick and as it pooled on the metal, the air blew it off in dots. They were finer dots though as this was a sniper's "Pink Mist" cup. I'd practice it first if you haven't tried this method yet though.