How to make an easel painter lectern? Airbrush holder



The realize that I was inspired by the level of the left


2 straps 2 * 1 1.40 meters long (A)
1 strap 2 * 1 1.60 mts (D)
One strap of 1.16 meters (may vary in concordance with the desired angle) (F)
2 strap 35 cm (Fixed Up) (B) and (E)
One strap 65 cm (Fixed Down) (C)
1 4 * 1 strap 58cm long and is mobile (support table)
2 sticks (to hold the central bolt (mobile) which supports the picture)
2 Hinges
2 bolts of wood (as we did the wick holes can be pencils or dowels)
1 cord of 60 inches
drill, screws and screwdriver wicks
Use two 2 inch thick and 1 wide and 140 cm long. (A)
They will be the straps that go to the floor, legs and front of our stand (A)
At the same using a wood Wick slightly larger size to carry the cuttings few holes maintaining consistency in both straps (I realize as 8 from the top of strap 10 cm apart each to about 60 cm floor) as they are going to give us the different heights of the support for the base of the table, but I reckon this will depend on the needs of the artist and the use of the lectern.
After the tie screwFixed Top and bottom (B) and (C) (screw the back side of the legs of our ATRIL) using a wood screw to the shape of the structure A
Then aligned with the bottom strut (C) and screwed down centering on the timber structure (D) (EYE this timber is the front side of the B and C so that it is flush with suspenders A) will be the support frame and the height of our stand.

Now what remains is to give back support, for that first we screw the tie rod (F) to (E) in perpendicular or T will be the third leg of our stand
Then put the two hinges to attach the straps B and E (It can be done above or below depending on the type of hinge we get) this together with our A with our T (The A T goes ahead and joined by hinges atraz )
If you need to give better support to the lectern can cut the ends bone legs at 45 degrees
Making a hole in the middle of the strut (C) and at the same height as the other hole in F can be placed besides a rope (like easels) so that when the stand is opened further opening and not in addition to regulating the opening and therefore the inclination of our Lectern shortening the length of our rope

As you can see from the picture, having many holes can move the support pins of our wood panel support and thereby regulate the height to paint standing, sitting or pieces of different sizes
you can also place a square of 60 offset 60 and there Arraba our piece apollar

Airbrush holder
a wire of 60 cm, the thickness to your liking, duct tape, mechanical grippers, bending at 25 cm and 10cm braiding repeat the procedure. With excess braid and trim off excess. Cover with duct tape is the part where the airbrush.
Nice information , I made one myself too with some spare wood that I have , very similar to the one you post


recently I added to it an AB holder , made just with a Nail and a clothes peg , simple but efective


Is plastic to not scratch the AB and the spring bring a secure grip but an easy release
megusto mucho la clavija de ropa, mas practico felicidades. saludos