How to make homemade ab cleaner



Hey gang does anyone have any home made airbrush cleaner I've ran out and need to clean some ab. Thanks in advance
It would probably help if we knew what paint you were trying to clean out of your brush.
Homemade Cleaner- 500ml of Cold Water, 1000 ml of Hot Water .Squirt of dishwashing liquid and small bottle brush cleaner..Soak parts, rinse and repeat LOL...

But yer depends on the paint :)
the interdental brushes (toothbrush section of the supermarket) are gentler than the commercially available 'airbrush cleaning brushes'
Only use the airbrush cleaning brushes is you wish to buy new needles and nozzles... :)
Nah all good mark, just gotta be gentle with em I regularly and I know many others do and thats to use an older needle to ream the tip clean..and have been doing that safely for many years but don't like to suggest it to others..If you isolate a few strands of a bottle brush though this also makes a really good nozzle cleaner and wont damage a thing...but I do find the specific airbrush cleaners to leave debri and fine hairs behind so don't use em anymore...
ok the paints that I'm using mostly is the wicked detail then from time to time trident, createx, pearl,