How to mark out a helmet.



As anyone who has done artwork on a helmet would know, it is very hard to get the pattern the same on both sides. If the artwork is just freehand and does not need to be the same on both sides, of course it does not matter. Many artists are probably aware of this tip, but i found it by accident. Once you have marked out something on one side, just put a mirror behind your helmet, and face the side you have marked towards the mirror. You can see what you have marked out, and can copy it on the blank side of your helmet. And yes, it is facing the right way, not in reverse. Of course on a finished helmet, you can not see the entire both sides at once. Some, but not all. If you are fussy like me, it is nice to know that you have tried your hardest to get both sides the same. Some things still need to be measured, but it sure helps, particularly with matching colours on both sides. Hope this helps someone. Works for me. See ya !
I am one of the fussy ones, even though you can't see it from both sides, I want it to be the same LOL. A mirror can save a lot of helmet turning, nice one brushahhh