How to outline a stencil?


Daniel D

Okay so basically..I'm wondering how I would get a lack outline of an image I put on soemthing. So say I stencil on a logo of some sort, how would I outline it in black say..I'm confused as of how to do this.
If you hand cut the stencil you can cut the outline out after you paint the picture,just put back the piece you took out to cover your work,then cut your next cut out from it as wide as you want the black outline
I have a vinyl cutting machine and that's how they get cut out. So what your saying is just cut out a line and take that off but keep/replace whatever I don't want to be painted obviously
For hard surfaces board or metal for example I use a brand of graphite paper called sarral which works great for white surfaces, they also make a paper which lays down blue, red, yellow or for black surfaces, white. ....
With your vinyl cutting machine, all you need to do is arrange another outline of the original image, so that when it cuts out the image it will reproduce the outline at the distance you want from the border.
This way, you lay down the border colour as your base, put the logo outline stencil piece in the middle, spray / paint your logo in and you'll have a ready made border of the width you have pre set.