How to quiet down a loud compressor.



Hey guy & gals can any one tell me how to quiet down a loud compressor. I bought and campbell hausfeld from the lowes store and put it in my painting booth and it still louder than the fan that is blowing on the compressor to keep it cool. Is there any way of putting a muffler on this darn thing. Here is a pic of what it looks like.045564610647lg Campbell Hausfeld.jpg
Did you try looking on youtube? I have seen videos on there where a guy built a insulated box around it, but it still had a vent for fresh air to come in so it doesn't get to hot. I have almost the same thing and it is a bit noisy but it doesn't take long to fill up so it is only running for a quick minute! It sure does suck though when there is a song on that you want to hear.
Airbrush action had an article on how to make what Hab they might have it posted somewhere or maybe check out there site
I built a box for my small noisy compressor and it cut the noise in half but I eventually bought a GMC Syclone 4610 and problem solved. 58 decibels but wrap a washcloth around the intake tube and it goes down to about 45 decibels, nice and quiet.
I finally grew weary of the noise from both my pancake compressor and my big 22 gallon one and broke down and got a Silent Air A20. Pricey, but the best move I ever made, as my neighbors and family are close by my studio and I like to work in the evening. It is also quite compact and is nice to use for jobs outside the studio, in a store or something, because it does not disturb with all the noise. Well worth saving up for, and the performance is top notch.

Prior to that, I ran a 50' hose from the far corner of my yard and kep the old compressor in a shed, with a regulator near my easel on the end of the hose near me. Never tried the building of a box, but I've seen a few and they were just a standard wooden box with a vent-hole. It does help a little, but you can still hear the compressor and it's still annoying and you have to lift/remove the box every time you drain, etc.
Hey thanks gang I'll give these suggestion a shot. I did build a booth for my airbrushing, I wanted to have it where I can load it up to move and so-on. But a Big Thanks to all
a shed/box works perfect just remeber to insulate the box or put a heater in the shed or any moisture in the tank will turn into ice and block your air lines even on a mild day mainly aimed at uk users ^^