How To Use Trident Paints



Hey gang I've been wondering just how do I go about using the trident paints for the flesh tone portrait for the blending. I've downloaded their mixing guide but for the blush it looks more like peach and the peach look more like golden ochre but I did everything like the chart showed what am I doing wrong ???? I'm ready to pull what little bit of hair that I have remaining out by the roots. Thank You all for your help and information
Being most of them call for TRUE FLESH it may vary in batch so the color will be off.
Or else I think it was either Haasje or AndreZA made a smaller paint mixer to make sure all the color was blended well.
I know it seems that the blue seem to settle to the bottle on pre-mixed paint
but Blush Flesh
  • 19 drops TRU FLESH
    1 drop TRU Brown
  • 95% Flesh, 5% Brown

Yes ,it needs a good mix up . I added red/ blue violet to the skin tones from the mix list to get my desired skin tones . 'Twas trial an error but worked ok for me .