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How to Watch a Forum

Discussion in 'Forum Ideas!' started by airbrushtutor, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    You now have the ability to watch your favorite forums! :thumbsup:

    This means that each time a new thread is created within a forum, you will be alerted ;)
    you can change your alert settings between e-mail alerts and forum alerts!
    Using myself as an example, I like to offer help to beginners, so one of the forums I like to watch is the 'Beginners Airbrush Questions' forum. I have set it to notify me as a forum alert.

    How to?

    1. When on the forum home page - simply click on a forum that you would like to watch i.e. Beginners Airbrush Questions. Once loaded, at the top right of the forum is a link that says 'watch forum'. Click this link as highlighted in the picture below.

    *If you are already watching a forum you will have the option to 'Unwatch forum'.

    2. You can check and manage which forums you are following by clicking on the 'Watched forums' link in the 'forums' tab (home page) as shown below.


    3. To change an alert style, once the page is loaded you will be presented with a list of forums that you are watching. Simply tick the box of a forum whose alert style you would like to change and choose an option from the drop down list. For this example I have chosen 'Enable alerts', which will be forum alerts.

    *While writing this how-to, I have just received an alert for a new thread in the 'Beginners Airbrush Questions' forum as seen in the top right corner of my screen.

    Stay up to date and customise the forum to your own interests!
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