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Just registered on the forum. I teach beginning and intermediate wood carving at the local Vo-Tech. A lot of wood carvers paint their work and when they do, air brushes are often used for the shading brushes do so poorly. I've been interested in air brushing for many years now but with all the hobbies I have there's just no way I'm going to add another. But I do enjoy watching YouTube videos on the subject and I'm a tool junkie, so I'm attracted to air brushes and all the paraphernalia that goes with them. I'm sure I'll enjoy spending time here just soaking up information.
welcome to the your new addiction :) (don't say you weren't warned)

An airbrush is so versatile and would add an amazing new level to your woodwork. buy a 'workhorse' airbrush like the Iwata Eclipse CS and hook it up to your air compressor, I know you have one in your shed if you do woodwork :)
some properly reduced paint , reduce the PSI on your compressor unless you want a fancy new roof decoration, and away you go.
Thanks for the welcome. I'm at a point I have to liquidate parts of my hobbies that I don't use as often to be able to buy into a new one. Think I'll just "lurk' for now. :D
Welcome to the forum Wannaby. Besides your woodwork what else are you into, if you don't mind my asking?

Besides ABs I'm also into woodworking, scale models, slot cars, scale trains and (primarily vintage) sewing machines. Plus other stuff lol. Pretty much where my user name came from.
Well, I'm a retired custom furniture builder. ( ) I'm a ham radio operator. (talk about equipment adding up fast! $$$$$) I'm a blacksmith and knife-maker. I'm a retired photographer. (post cards and calendars) I used to rebuild Gestner Tool Boxes. And there are a couple more expensive hobbies I won't talk about on the Internet. Money has been so tight around my house that I've quit driving my pickup truck and am now riding a Honda Rebel 250 CMX. And though I never thought it would be more than an errand runner, it's turned into a hobby of it's own. :laugh:
That's a pretty varied list. Sounds like you have a fulfilling life.

Must be warm where you are if you are still riding a motorcycle. They are fun.
Warm?????????????? Well, it has been for the last two days. Before that I was riding as long as it was above 32 degrees. We didn't get above 40 degrees for a couple of weeks straight. I don't have any heated gear, but I know how to dress for the weather. 32 degrees and 70 mph on the highway make for a lot of discomfort if you aren't dressed for it.
Well, I'm gettin' a late-in-life start on riding a bike, but have to admit it's fun. If it weren't for the fact it takes a good 15 minutes just to suit-up for a 32 degree ride, I would say it's a lot of fun. Today was GREAT! I left the house at 60 degrees and after the past two weeks I almost took the liners out of my coat!!!!! o_O
welcome home Wannaby
My neighbor is a wood worker and carver and another one does chain saw art , I have taught both to use an airbrush in their work and they both say they are glad they invested the time and the money in learning . Granted They both own the work horse of the air brush line the IWATA elcipse one has the BCS (Bottom feed) and the other the CS ( Gravity feed) But it has aided them in getting better pay in their craft.
When I started "drooling" over airbrush equipment about 4 years ago I did a lot of research and ended up with the Eclipse as my choice. But the price............the price..........the price. WHEW!!! I know all about good tools of the trade..........whatever the trade. But I'm not so sure I'd need an airbrush today, much less one of that quality. But I do appreciate nice tools. I admire all the guys doing the model work and certainly admire all the fine-art work (of which I have absolutely no talent for) but while I enjoy watching videos of folks doing that, I'd have no desire to do it myself. As I mentioned, I'm just going to "lurk".

Thanks for all the "welcome" messages guys ('n-gals) ;)
Sorry for the lte welcome but Welcome to the forum. Lurk as much as you like, just say hello from time to time.