Howdy...from Texas, USA.



I'm completely new to airbrushing. I got into it by trying to save some $ on a motorcycle paint job, and realized it's a great stress escape. I quickly figured out that I needed that escape more than a funky paint job. I'm hooked now, so I must improve...can't go around producing gross work. I found AirbrushTutor on YouTube and find your teaching style perfect. Thanks for all you do mate!

I'm using an Iwata Kustom Eclipse.
Welcome Tanker

I'm sure you'll find what you want here, and now I'm curious, was the motorcycle paint job a success or not? lol
Howdy , what part of the lone star you from? I use to live in El Paso and still have a lot of family there.

Look forward to seeing your work.
Welcome tanker, is your work BIGGER than the rest?? Lol!!!!

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Hi there tanker from the UK, your of to a good start with a custom micron my friend, ABing is a very cool and therapeutic thing to do and we all need a release so enjoy and join in, this is a great forum and you will find many friends.
Good one Seamonkey. Thanks for the warm welcome...y'all. :)

I haven't painted the bike yet. I plan to do the tank soon...detail work will have to wait for more practice.
I'm in no hurry though..I'm kind of digging the whole learning process for now.

Thanks again guys.
Hello from Florida, I hope you like it here. I know I sure do :)