Howdy kids!


Robbie Kass

hey guys, i just joined a couple days ago and i'd like to introduce myself. My names Robbie Kass and i live in Wilmington, NC. i paint mostly motorcycles and toilet seats. its a weird combo, but i dig it. i work primarily with HOK urethane based paints and focus a lot on portraits. if you guys wanna' check out some of my stuff feel free to take a peak at my interweb site
Welcome home Robbie, Tattoo and airbrush. I like the name of your site. You portraits are awesome.
I hope to get set up where I can shoot HOK year round but that is still the rest of this year away..
Nice to add you to the family and look forward to picking your brain for knowledge...
Welcome from SW Florida! Some great work on your site. :congratulatory:
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal: