Greetings, my name is Mike from Eastern Virginia, USA. I found this sight a few days ago. Love the tutorials and practice sheets. I have no artistic talent to speak of but I recently got a Paasche VL recently and I'm really enjoying airbrushing. I really want to be able to do portraits in B&W. Hoping to get a better compressor soon and hopefully a second brush, thinking of the Badger Krome. Thank you to all of you who contribute and give advice.
Welcome aboard Mike, good to have you with us mate, friendly bunch here, heaps of talent and up for a good chortle along the way, enjoy and spread the love:)
hey mike welcome home brother....when I started I regarded myself as having no artistic talent (some feckless people on here would day I still don't) but there atte ways around that problem such as tracing, transferring and projection (my preferred method) then its just down to the painting.....go with the krome you wil not regret it.....its a high detail brush but is more forgiving compared to other detail brushes, also posts are a hell of a lot cheaper....only a couple of house keeping rules here......keep your feet off the sofa.....and spread the love
Hey Mike, you were talented enough to check out this forum, only the best people do Lol! Welcome from the uk!