Howzit from Cape Town



Hey guys,

20 years of age at the moment, pushing a career in the arts. Been mainly working in oils and graphite(separately :p) but about a year and a half ago I picked up my first airbrush.. excrementty little model painting thing with constant airflow, but soon gave it up and picked up an Iwata Eclipse, and ja.. just fallen in love with this medium, so here to pick up some tips and just chill ;)

Cheers guys
HEY HEY meaty
welcome (and I cant say FROM sunny South Africa, but I can say from sunny warm Johannesburg - please keep your rain there :) )
Welcome aboard mate from the Uk, look forward to seeing your work and sharing what's in our noggings:)
Welcome home meatymushroom.
Nice to add you into the family and the Eclipse is a great little brush.
Welcome from the US.

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Damn, what a welcoming, I feel loved already

And flycatchr, we'll keep the rain if you send us some thunder storms
Or stolen for the wedding and take there in the fake blue light brigade :)
welcome from honduras.hope you call this place home,like i do.