HP-BH paints



Hellow ! The first thing congratulations for this incredible site, that i hope to grow more and more in the future : ) . I m thinking on buying an HP-BH , and I whould like to paint with acrylics. It have a 0.2 nozzle and I don t now if with this, i will can paint with this kind of paints. It is so important because I don t like to paint with wattercolor paints . Thanks so much!
Hi and welcome, any solvent based auto paint can be reduced enough for a .2 needle/nozzle combo and I use Trident (water based) through a .2 and get incredible detail. Hope this helps
Cheers Lou
Is there a reason you want to use acrylics? If not there are a lot of other paints you can use in your airbrush. It sounds like you feel you have to choose between watercolors and acrylics.
And water based paints are not the old fashioned pale "watercolors" from school, it's normal paint without all of the solvents. Check out the paint section of this forum, there are plenty of different paints discussed there.
Thank you so much for your quick answers!: ). I like to paint with acrylics principally because they dry faster, and I have lot of expirience with it. The results are the best jointly with oil (In my opinion).
Waterbased paints are acrylics and not watercolours. Stuff like Golden airbrush colors, Com-art, Createx and Schminke (just to mention a few) are all acrylics specially formulated for the airbrush. The pigment is much finer.
Thanks AndreaZA, acrylics were always a brush-type paint in my mind, for some reason. Even though I had read "acrylic enamel" on the bottle, it was the "enamel" that stuck in my head, lol. I had been thinking there was another kind of paint out there to try...:( Now I feel stupid.