Hp-c air valve


Double Actioner
i have an iwata hp-c and the trigger is sticky. When I release it is slow to close and blows by a bit. I think I gummed it up since my packing seal on the needle needed tightening and was blowing paint into the trigger area. Fixed that. Also I've been putting lube on the trigger and may have gummed it too. Question is how hard is it to remove the assembly, and might I need a new assembly?
If I have the stem packing seal too tight would that argument the problem?
Search youtube on how to clean an airbrush, the video is on the forum here a few times as well. That should give you a good guide.
The seal between the valve body and the main body is a bit tricky to get to. It is a mission to get the valve body off but it is possible.
Kinda moot now. It was easy to remove the valv but I dropped the air nozzle and it disappeared. Guess I'll end up fixing the problem by getting a new assembly, or send it to factory and just take the hit.
I've had lousy luck with brushes. Got myself a Sotar 20/20 for Christmas. Liked the performance but this one leaked paint into trigger (can't adjust the packing but in them) and leaked air all over, so sent it back for replacement. I'm back to pencils
I always lay a microfiber cloth down before I start any disassembly. Stops the 'bounce, roll, drop, vanish' cycle. If you have a fan going nearby then a damp microfiber cloth won't lift as easily as a dry one
Cleaning the gunk off won't be a problem. Why dont you get one of those fancy iwata cleaning mats/trays they aint cheap but parts cant roll off. I brought a complete air valve off ebay for a no name airbrush, worked fine, took a week or two to turn up though.

Rather have a brush that didn't screw up and need disassembly so much. Think the failure mode was at first I was using enamel paint with solvent. The needle seal was loose and solvent got into the trigger area. The solvent gummed up the air valve and affected the rubber bits. It's all going back to iwata for a re-hab and I'm using water based paint now. Hoping that solves a lot of the problems.