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Hey guys,

ive got an issue with my HP-CS, i think it might have come from soaking it in Createx resorter for to long? pretty sure it was no more then 2 hours and ive seen people soak other iawata brushes....thats the only thing i can think of.

Anyways, after i finish painting and the cup is empty ill wipe it out with a rag, and ill run water through it till i dont see any pigment left in the cup. So then i undo the needle chuck and ill pull the needle out and the first 2.5(1 inch) of the needle will be covered in pigment....Pretty sure this didnt used to happen.

Could you let me know which item (shown below) i have to replace, is the attacted diagram as far down as the airbrush strips down? cause the only thing on this diagram i havent really looked at is the section around the air valve body, or anything in that area above where the air hooks up to....can see how that would be the cause tho.

Also any guidance on what could have caused it would be helpful.



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Before you replace anything, first tighten the teflon seal (14b) in the body. You'll need a 3mm flat screw driver and go in from the back. Do it in very small increments of about 1/8 of a turn at a time. Put the needle back in and feel if the seal fits a bit tighter.