Hseng Airbrush Needle Replacements



I just bought a new Hseng HS-80 airbrush from Frontline Hobbies a short time ago. The needle seems to have a very slight bend in it, how do I go about getting a replacement needle. Frontline Hobbies only has a needle for a Sparmax SP-35 airbrush, so where can I get a replacement needle for this Hseng airbrush? Do the needles need to be brand specific ?? Also does anyone know of the Hseng brand, are they any good ?

Iv'e had a look around and I have found these airbrushes mostly only in toy model shops, and out of everything I've found none of them mention spares for this tool, Iv'e even found the manufacturers website and they also have nothing listed, I don't mean to be rude but this a very simple cheap knock off, which you wouldn't have known when you bought it.

I would be a liar if I said no other needle will fit, however if you find another needle that fits, you must also replace the tip, both of these together will set you back more than you paid for your brush.

My advice would be to have a look around the forum, learn what most us are using and what we're using them for, there is a lot of information built up over the last few months to help you decide what's best for your, also feel free to ask about anything your not sure of.

Sorry for your disappointment , and welcome to the forum.
Well I am a miniature war gamer :) The sole purpose of buying the airbrush is to undercoat my mini's and paint terrain pieces. Unlike most people here I don't need a fine airbrush really, so I thought this brand would do.
All the parts you need for all the hs brushes ... airbrushsupplyonline.com Telephone 01212477838 you can also find them on ebay thats a Uk phone number
That is a stock standard no-name brand Chinese knock-off. You can try spares from Sparmax, Black Bull, Feng something or just search for "ab-180 airbrush" and you will find it. Here in South Africa they are sold under the "Air-craft" name and only about $40 cheaper then a Neo.