HVLP Touch Up Gun on a TCP Global TC-20T



Hi, would my little compressor work with say Item Detail. I find I can't even paint a ps3 or xbox360 as an airbrushes spread is only a inch or 2. I know I'd need a 1/8 to 1/4 hose or adapter but could it work? Also will this gun use createx autoair paints?
When you step up to a spray gun, it's about both "cubic feet per minute" and air pressure. You need to make sure that the compressor can deliver the requirements, of the sprayer, or you won't get descent results. If your compressor doesn't have the specs on it they should be in the manual. It will be the same for the gun. I have an 0.8 gun that runs fine off of my small contractor compressor but I wouldn't use my little Passche to run it not enough volume.
Yeah, my compressors cfm is .8 and even the lvlp is around 2 or 3, so i'll have to get a bigger compressor....