I am having a retarded time....


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So, my air compressor came today, i went with the ca air tools 4610a after talking with the guys at coast, saying the tank material was better than the one i was considering, and so on.....BUT! I am frigging confused! I have never had to set these things up before....I have this little roundish black ball like thing, with this small black tubing piece in this plastic bag, from the little instructions that came with it, i am figuring this is the air filter...but where does the little black tubing go??
Photos would help. My Lab-air has the same pump and the only hosey bit fit into the little cup that houses an airfilter that screws into the intake of the motor.
Somewhere on the compressor motor it's self there should be a matching thread. It may have a dust cap of some sort. Here is a back pic of one from the CAT site.

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HA, well damn. The thing was hidden better than big foot in the forest, it evaded the crap out of me, there is a bracket piece that hangs down over it.The little black plastic tubing fits into the hole on the side of the knob then if i am seeing correctly?

THANK YOU! The both of you.
Here is a little trick I learned to quieten the compressor a bit more.


Just make sure you don't block it completely. You must still feel some power.