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Hello My name is Jade, I am 11 and have been airbrushing for 2 years and my Uncle Lee ( jord001) has just created an account for me.
I started my first project by decorating a t-shirt and then I did a portrait of the queen for her diamond jubilee. My next project was a horse which is my favourite animal and Uncle lee posted it up on here. I am now working on a portrait of my half brother which uncle lee has also posted up. I hope to be posting up my own pictures now I have got an account. Going to try to do a paint pal and get it swapped. Cant wait to see what I receive. Looking forward to see what other people have painted and meeting the nice members. I hope I do well because I am still learning.

Welcome Home Jade nice to have such a fine young artist among us.
I look forward to watching you grow as an airbrush artist and I am glad you are wanting to do Paint pal too.

Nice to add young folks to the family :D
Welcome Jade, that is my oldest daughters name, she is 17. So far your art has been great. Keep up the lessons and great work. Be open to critique and be confident in yourself. And in no time you will be able to out paint your uncle. Many of us would have loved to pick up airbrushing at a much younger age. We look forward to seeing your progress

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Welcome Jade, it's cool to get into airbrushing so young, it means you will over take the rest of us in jig time.

My first ever Paint pal came from your uncle Lee, so I know your in good hands, it'll be nice to see your progress over the coming months.

Oh and if you catch your uncle Lee working without a mask, be sure to slap him on the back of the head, lol
Welcome Jade. uncle Lee's been keeping us posted on your progress, and your coming on fantastic.

Keep it up, and we ALL look forward to seeing how you get better and better with each one!

Welcome Jade you have a great teacher there. You have a great start at it keep it up. Looking forward to seeing what you paint next.
Hey Jade! Welcome to the Forum. I really look forward to seeing more of your work.
Cheers Mel
welcome from sunny South Africa
My 10 year old has just been encouraged by your joining -- she wants to join this awesome place too :)

I am definitely thinking about it :)
Hi Jade- I think it's incredible that you are starting at such a young age, and seem very eager and dedicated. You are on the right path to greatness, my young friend. One piece of advice, if I may... stick with it, and never let anyone discourage you. Sounds like you're very lucky to have an uncle who is taking the time to mentor you (awesome jord001!!). If you stick with it, by the time you're 16, you will be light years ahead of your friends. I always tell my kids, find your passion, become the best at it, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. If someone can make a living doing what they love, it doesn't seem like work. Good luck with your passion, and post your work when you can.
welcome jade, good tosee younger people pickin up this art :)
Welcome Jade!!! Its awesome to see such a young budding artist among us!! Keep at it and cant wait to watch you grow in your airbrush journey!!
Welcome aboard Miss Jade !! So glad you are finally a member!! You work is amazing for such young talent, im jealous!! I applogize now, for any and all bad adult things that come out of my mouth lol..I will behave from here on out ♥♥
Welcome jade! :) Its nice to see younger people interested in art. i saw your work, great stuff!!!
Haha I think it is terrible "uncle Lee" is pretending to be an 11 year old girl so he gets better comments on his pictures haha. ...

Only joking jade...I have seen your work and let me tell you, you are doing fantastically. ... I really look forward to seeing how you progress... The portrait of your little brother looks incredible and I think you will soon be making many people very jealous with your skills
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal: