I cant find the right fitting



First of all sorry for my bad english I speak french. So I bought a new airbrush iwata neo and a hose. The probleme is that I cant find the right fitting to fit my quick disconnect on my compressor. I need a 1/4 male fitting and 1/4 bsp on the other side.I searched on the internet but I did not find anything.
Its not what im looking for it must be a quick disconect on one side
Trying to get this straight - the female 1/4 inch is the outlet on the compressor and you need to go to 1/4 BSP male connector also on the other side onto which a quick must be fitted?
Yes ignis thats what I need but the quick must be the a-style. Thats what I need but bsp:
No ignis because its not the right quick coupler it must be like this one : ww.sjdiscounttools.com/mils-777.html
If its so difficult finding the match why not just replace the female on the compressor with a new one that has a male that is easy to find? I know my local hardware store has them and u can pick up the female and the male for only a couple dollars

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Ok so I need a fitting like this one: 1/4 bsp male ,1/4 npt. I searched on the internet but I cant find any.If anyone find a site that has it plz tel me.