I feel like I'm chasing my own tail.. contradicting advice



I'm thinking of trying out some water based acrylics (in my Iwata) but getting branded ones here is not easy. I found a hobby place that sells Vallejo ones but they don't sell the cleaner! ! I can't find a glass cleaner that has the ingredients listed, so have no way of knowing if ammonia is in it or not.
One lot of advise says to use nail polish remover (which at least I can get) and another says 'no!' Don't use that!

Badger says their cleaner has ammonia - Iwata say don't use ammonia products.

Others say use 'Simple Green' - I have no idea if I can even get it, let alone if it is a good idea. I have been able to find out it has no ammonia though.

No idea what the EU regs say but it is hard when ingredients are not listed!

What I want is a cleaner that I can shoot through and rinse, just to get at the parts I can't see.

Anyone in Spain that knows where the heck to find stuff?
You can use an amonia cleaner just as long as you rinse it properly afterward. It eats the chrome if left in too long. Acetone should not be a problem but then you can also just use lacquer thinners. Just have good ventilation. See if you can't find a general purpose, enviro friendly household cleaner. Then reduce it even more and test that. I have and I've saving a lot of money and I know where to get more without hassles.
I wouldn't use lacquer thinner for acrylics, would make it gum up real bad. If you clean your airbrush as soon as you are done with what's in the bowl before the paint dries, water should get most of it out. Mixing a 50 50 ratio of windex and rubbing alcohol works well. Rubbing alcohol works real well on dried acrylics. I've also heard that windshield wiper fluid apparently works pretty good as well and is cheap. I personally wouldn't care if something has ammonia or not. As long as not left in for a long time shouldn't hurt the chrome that bad. Hell I don't have a single airbrush that has chrome left in the cup. Doesn't affect the performance.

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I know from craft experiments that certain things mixed with certain (but not all) acrylic paints makes chewing gum of an inedible kind :D and I sure as heck wouldn't want that in my airbrush!