I found a Sil-Air air compressor on Ebay.



Hi all,
When I first thought of trying my had at airbrushing I knew I would need an air compressor so I ventured down to my local hardware store and picked a 40 litre, 2.5 horse power compressor. Now initially I was pretty happy with my purchase, it had plenty of power and has been a good reliable unit however its main drawback is the deafening noise it produces and in the small room I have setup for airbrushing it was pretty unbearable.
Then one day I was just browsing through EBay, not really looking to buy anything, just having a look, when I came across an odd looking little compressor called a Sil-Air. I initially thought it seemed quite expensive for a second hand compressor, the starting price was $450 for the compressor and a Badger 100GL airbrush but after doing a quick Google search I found that not only was this compressor one of the quietest on the market, they retail for around $1400 so not really expecting to win I put in a bid of $450 and found out the next day that I was the only bidder and won.
Long story short, I got my compressor home and did a comparison in sound and functionality between my old compressor and the Sil-Air and really there is no comparison, my Sil-Air does a just as good a job at producing reliable airflow, plenty for airbrushing anyway, and even in the same room as it it’s hard to even hear that it’s running.
Sil-Air compressors are overpriced, but if you can pick one up cheap, and are like me and really hate the racket piston compressors make then you might want to keep an eye on EBay. You never know what bargains might pop up.