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Ok bought a new airbrush well a used one I am dieing to try it out. I got a 1940's Paasche AB turbo lol. I am near finishing my tool box project I've been working on so will post pics tonight of the airbrush and the work if all goes good. I haven't put paint through her yet but fired it up with the compressor to make sure it would function. Seems it will. But heck it is a confusing AB I will probably be bald tomorrow from pulling my hair out from what I have read about this AB. Any pointers from any one who has used one would be greatly appreciated.
Congrats for getting that airbrush ( i guess lol ) :) . I have a airbrush book and that guy explained the turbo and all the parts and it really looks damn confusing.
Sorry i can´t help you with that airbrush but im sure you are going to make it work fine.
the price was right $30 and got it more of nastalgia piece and curiousity has always made me want one of these lol I am up to 14 airbrushes that are usable lol
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these airbrushes are still made but the price you got it for is really good.....new price for the AB turbo today is $350

I've heard they are not the easiest to use.
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I know it was a steal and that they are still made other wise probably would not have bought it. It is nice to have an AB you can still get parts for. And I can't wait to airbrush with an airbrush that has been in use since the 40's sure means it's a great tool and well taken care of. The only thing I didn't like was the original owner has his initials engraved all over it like in 4 different spots but thats no big deal. I can only imagine what art this thing has made in it's life.
Man 30$ for a vintage piece of americana is cheap, and for a turbo is just mad.
Where do you find these treasures? Ebay?
I found it on ebay the starting bid was $59 it didn't sell I contacted the seller and offered him $30. I am sorry I didn't get any pics yet I spent bout an hour and a half with it last night messing with it. The AB runs perfect I just have to get the settings on it right. It is not easy to use by far at least with wicked paints. It sprays but tip dry on the tiny needle that pushs the paint in front of the air nozzle. I will try to get some more time with it tonight. I am determined to see the crazy detail this AB is known for. There are four main settings one controls paint feed through the speed of the atriculating needle that is ran back and forth by a turbine. You need to have enough air to get it to spool but you don't want to much paint. There is one that control the nozzle air pressure that controls the psi that blows the paint off the atriculating needle. Another that adjusts the distance between the air nozzle and the needle. And finally there is one on the trigger that controls how far out the needle is from the start. I am sure I will get it to a happy spot but it's gonna take some serious paint mixing along with experimentation.
Hi im by far not expert, and specialy not with the Turbo lol, but i guess that the Wicked is not really good to use with the Turbo since it tends to dry up so fast.
It always drives me crazy when it dries in my cups already lol.
i saw one on ebay yesterday for about $190......... good deal you got yourself