I got the new brush but.....


Larry Fuller

Understanding that I'm a complete nob in this arena, I had started out with a Harbor Freight air brush just to test the waters so to speak. Wanted to learn to color some of my wood turnings and then thought I could maybe actually do other artistic works on paper. Today I bought the Iwata Eclipse and what a difference in quality and function. I'm very impressed but and this is probably going to take time but I have a difficult time finding a comfortable way to hold and still have any kind of control... I don't give up easily so I'm sure that I will find a good compromise but an open to any suggestions in this area. Thanks in advance.
Check out airbrush tutor and his methods. Two handed is good and often people find it useful with some sort of valve assembly under the brush as well. How big are you hands?
I use a two handed grip, and have an in line mac valve directly underneath the brush, which I find a very comfy part of my grip. You'll find what's comfy for you, and remember like any new exercise or activity it will take your muscles time to adjust.
Thanks for the encouragement and ideas. I did install the inline water filter that came with the brush and that helped a lot. I believe some of my problems come from being older, I'm in my late sixties. Defiantly not as steady as I used to be and have zero muscle memory to take advantage of, but that will come. This is only the first day playing with the Eclipse so I'm still pretty sure that I can get the hang of it as time goes on.
I have a couple different grips, depending on size.
If i am painting very small, i will be using the tips of my offhand.
Some loose flowing single handed stuff

But mostly two hands, using shoulders and elbows. Actually it is more control using larger muscle groups. Not to mention fatigue.

Watch almost any video of airbrush artists, they are all two handed using large muscle when going in for detail.

Exaggerate that and watch a t shirt painter video. It is all shoulders and elbows.
Depending on what your used to you might even want to get an airbrush with the trigger under the brush like a reg. spray gun.staining and painting your wood turning,Just a thought I wanted to throw out there:thumbsup::thumbsup:
I have what my son says are small hands but in reality they are probably med size. I did notice he seems to have no problems with his grip of the brush so its me! I'll continue watching all the videos and practicing what I see and hear. Again thanks you for all of your help.
It depends on the airbrush system. If it's gravity (with top cups) you have not much possibilities to hold the brush convenient. For me there's none actually of convenient ways. That one of the reasons why I prefer siphon airbrushes, no matter if it's side or bottom feed. They do not have any problems on the finger way like cups:)
You can see how Blair holds an airbrush, it's on his channel. It works well for bottom feed also.

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