i guess i need a water trap



what i want to know what happen if airbrush with out a water trap i cant aford them right now i think thats y way lines have skips in then ples let me know what to do tys
You need the water trap if you are painting for a long time , like 2 hours or more. If water gets in your line from the compressor , it's because your comp is working hard and creating hot air then it cools in your line which makes condensation. It will ruin a painting. If it an old compressor that has built up rust in the tank or pipe fittings the little pieces or rust break off and will reak havoc on your brush causing spitting of air and you may never get it out of your brush!! I highly recommend at the very least a pistol grip filter no matter what!! It is the little filter that goes directly on the brush between it and the hose. They are worth every penny. Hope this helps.

If you have a coil hose that you can attach off of the compressor that may help till then.

I would want some more protection if I were you. I would at the very least till you get a trap cut a 2 inch square piece of some panty hose, or ladies nylon and place it over the bottom of your airbrush and thread the hose over it, this will act as a crappy filter, then trim off the excess panty hose. This will at least stop any debris from getting up in your airbrush TEMPORARILY!! I would check it after you are done painting and see if anything gets caught in it.

Before you buy anything, bleed the air out of the tank and then drain it. Possibly there is oil residue on the bottom plus particles from piston friction.
DSCF0732.jpgi will take a pic of the setup i have ok .ps this is the set i have now both compressor and airbrush are 6 days old there still brand new
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You should be fine till you get a trap for them, and you should as soon as you can. You can still do the nylon thing to help just in case.

i drain the tank ever 2hrs just in case i doing what u can with what i have