I hate paint!


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I have big troubles with dry tip !

When i use my com-art paints it workes great but if i mix colors like black and white i get alot of drytip why ?
i try to reduce with reducer but it won't get better.

Same thing with createx colors i have black and i love that black but i get dry tip all the time.
I have tried to reduce it with createx reducer but createx wont work for me. i can paint one line and it looks great
then when i keep air on and waits about 2 sek before line two it is dryed.

Can someone learn me how to use paint correct, any videos or anything .


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Well first off what airbrush?
What pressure are you shooting at?
White no matter what brand seems to give the most tip dry.
also what are you painting on. what kind of paintings are you attempting?

I have almost no tip dry when using comart or spectra-tex, I have the compressor set at about 20 psi when using either of them.
Createx I have the PSI set to about 40 even when reduced it seems to just have a thicker feel to it.


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I use the Com-art medium. Does not solve the problem completely, but it does delay the period.


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i have it at about 30psi 1,5-2 bar.

at higher the paint flow becomes to high ?

At the moment i am trying to learn bw human portraits so alot of shadings and details.
i am a total newbee . did my first portrait last week


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Is it better to buy grayscale paints then trying to get grey by white and black mixing?
i know com-art has a grayscale kit is it worth trying?

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I wonder if its like a greyscale tattoo ink kit if so you can make your own by using different reduced black paints to make your different greys.


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i to use com art and i also swear by badger spectra tex white it covers great straight out of the bottle. i am noticing one thing i have to keep a large cotton ball SLIGHTLY MOISTENED with alchohol or soapy water so i can wipe off the tip dry its just something to deal with i don't even believe it wil go away with etac i can use my loop and see the paint buiold up on the tip almost instantly it only seems to be a problem when doing those ultra fine lines i can get with a new .15 set up on my infinity if i get a micron i wil be upset if it doesn't completely out do the infinity. but that's my opinion keep the tip clean