I have more talent then I thougnt



Today I started practicing airbrush control using my Peak c-5 Airbrush, I wasn't necessarily trying to paint an image, I just started practicing dagger strokes and lines. I began to get extremely irritated because nothing I did looked good, so I kept adjusting the psi and also kept diluting my paint nothing worked. I felt like I had no talent at all. Then I remembered, that when I first started airbrushing I had used a cheaper Airbrush that I bought from that internet store we all know. It was only 40 bucks, not sure the brand but I remember painting a rose with that airbrush and it looked pretty awesome. So I busted it out! As soon as I started using the 40 dollar airbrush I felt I had much more control and the stream of paint flowed like liquid awesomeness! Soon I was painting dagger strokes and lines like a pro! My question is Why would the cheap airbrush work so much better then the kind of spendy one?
hey man we all have talent,some more than others.the question is not how much talent you have ,but how much you practice,long time ago we,some collegues,were receiving a course about something and one of my friends said i was talented since he saw my note book that through the whole course,that i took notes once in a while, but the rest of the time i drew anything i had in mind(not much of a cartoonist ,at least that is what i think).and he said i was talented.i smiled and said nothing,because talent is not important at all(being at an art school so i saw real talent,i mean real talent),but how much you practice.

the thing is that those who felt that we were not as talented as others worked our asses full time and we were able to be better than those "talented".later on on life i discovered that true talent was called 10,000 hours,of practice.

don´t worry the problem is that you are used to your cheap chinese airbrush,so that is your problem is that you are not comfortable with the new gun.don´t worry with time and practice you will be able to "know" your new machine.by the way what brand is your new gun,beware of the cheap one when it goes sour it will seriously.also what kind of paint you are using?

hope this helps!!!i really do!!!:adoration:
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Hi Freddy!
My opinion, every ab gun different.Would be best to testing more gun, without buying, if it's possible.
Important to the finding a perfect gun, but more important thing, the quality of paints..