i know very little about side feed airbrushes



i was reading about andreza post about his new side feed iwata airbrush,and the i saw,also, the video upon the grex xs airbrush been tested.and that put me to think how little i know about this airbrushes.:dispirited:

i´ve seen that some illustrators use them,read that it helps you see better.

i´ve heard that azteks either you love them or you hate them,also that david morton uses it.but why?

also i´ve seen in magazines that marissa osterlee uses a "modified" iwata side feed,how is so?

in general, i´ll love and appreciate that anyone can enlight me in this subject :05.18-flustered:.
AW: i know very little about side feed airbrushes

In my opinion side feeds often combine two advantages for illustration first to, like you said, see better at the artwork and second yet don't have to use big bottles like suction feeds with much more colour than you actually need.

I use a Grafo T2 side feed aswell and like it.

Greetings, René.

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Hi Ulltraz,
I bought side feed airbrushes because they are versatile. Being able to see the artwork without having to look around a cup is a really big plus for me and I did not want a bottom feed.

With the side feed you can use suction/siphon and gravity feed cups as well as larger bottles so you can pick the size of cup/bottle to suit the job you are doing. With some cups you can take them off with paint still in and put another on really easily, so colour changes are fast. They do tend to need a bit more air pressure than gravity feed. I made a video about my Iwata side feed airbrushes and different cheap cup/bottle alternatives, here is the link if you want to have a look

Airbrush for Beginners - Learn Along with Mel 18 - Iwata Side feed Airbrushes & Cheap Plastic Cups. - YouTube

Hope this helps
Cheers Mel
I never bought the statement that the cup on the side helps with unobstructed view. I always looked at the gun from the side but with the SBS I find that I look straight over the gun more. But one of the great benefits is use of multiple side cups for quick colour changes.
The side feed AB's grew on me as I started with gravity fed being my AB of choice. I then bought a grafo T2 and that's when I started liking the side feeds. I do not like the gravity side feed as they feel awkwardly weighted in my hands but most side feeds can accept the other style cup such as the iwata. I used an adaptor on the grex in the video to use my iwata micron cup. I am willing to bet that the grex video is the one I posted. I use side feed and gravity fed I do prefer the side feed over a siphon fed but they have there place also in the airbrush world. But I do love both gravity fed and side fed AB'st really comes down to preference for that day.
thanks to everyone for the time to enlight me,am a little less ignorant thanks to you.yes strickly attitude it was your video, so if you did bet you are a winner.mel thanks i watch your video as a matter of fact i dowloaded it because i love to have references for any fututre situation or your to remind myself if i ever do forget.andreaz thaks for the time and your previous thread,thanks m3ntalo for your insight i´ll take in consideration your opinion,by the way grafo t2 is from sata or fron h&s,in the future if i consider into buying one.

thanks everyone