I messed up my hp-c+ cleaning it


Gravity Guru
My main lever was getting spongy so I decided to break down my ab and unfortunately I also removed my air piston. I soak all the parts in restorer but I think I damaged the seal that the piston passes through trying to clean it with a toothpick. How do I replace that and install it without damaging a new one which I will have to order? Or if anyone has a way that maybe I didn't damage it but maybe didn't put it back together properly? It is now a single action grrrrrrrrr. I also bought a micron when I purchased the hp-c+ but haven't used because I wanted my skills to improve before I used it. Ohhh well no better time than now. Any help would be great.
Check your PM , Also what paint you using?
But been there done that .replaced it , not a hard job but, I put some super lube on it when I put it back together , I also found tha tif you have a local place that sell Paasche part that the O-ring from a Paasche valve will work too in a pinch.
Thanks for the info! Very few shops carry much of anything around here for airbrushes. I use createx and will definitely follow your advice. Thanks as usual, a wealth of info.