i need help pricing



i have a customer who has a 20ft by 6ft banner that he would like me to airbrush his company name on and a bike he is buying all material and im not sure what i should charge him as an hourly rate i want to be fair but make money at the same time...... i have a wife and 3 kids to feed lol
first of all my friend you should try to use the intro section so we can know and greet you properly.okyou sholud rate by the whole job and also charge and extra for gain.noone wants to loose money,so lets say $20 per hour(this is a sum i have heard some where of somene doing a mural,but not sure it suits you,you can charge more),something for depreciation of the guns,and add for gain lets say the sum of the latter times 20%;you get something like this:hours*20+depreciation+gain.gain equeals=(hours*20+depreciation)*0.20.also you should think in terms of accidents to your gun!!!a colateral just in case.

hope this helps!!!
thank you. you helped me out alot next time ill charge by the job i just wanna get my name out in my town i know there is money to be made in do this and i love doing it ill hit up the intro section tonite i think i found a new place to chill on the net