i need new ab fot mural and t shirts and more



i used to had vl paasche for many years and i sold it.
bought me the krome tow in one.
i love it.

now i am making a mural and i understood that i could realy use my old vl
i use wall acrilyc colors i need ab that can work with that like the vl
also if i want to make t shirts or paint realy fast i need the right tool for it.
i have another 1mm gun and bigger gun
but i am thinking buying new vl
so... here we dont have it in stock only very expensive so i am thinking ordering from chicago, coast ...
and because of that
i want to know maybe there is a better tool for me
a freind told me to buy badger 175.
so what do you say
which tool is the best for the job ?
and also universal
Maybe a badger 155 its newer design than the 175, or an iwata eclipse bcs.

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vlst pro can do the job,besides chicago doesn´t charge or at lest not much for mailing airbrushes.

hope this helps!!!:angel:
Forgot to mention, badger 155 is a .7mm , eclipse a .5mm, not sure on the badger 175 size. If spraying thicker materials the larger nozzle would be best.

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big question bro,.. had the same one.. i bought a graco power painter for large scale paintings and ecllipse with monster feed bottle for semi large areas.. if you figure out the sweetness let me know
i think the larger nozzle of the 175 0.6
i am thinking to go back to vl
what can you say about the iwata eclipse ?
the vl is a horse had one for 19 years sold like new.
about shipping i am from israel
i sent an email to chiacago about shipping.
i could realy use the vl or somthing like this right now.
placed an order for iwata eclipse bcs on chicago airbrush supply :)